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Pick and Pack

Pick and Pack

#1 Pick And Pack Services

Here at River Plate, Inc. we offer world class pick and pack services. We strive for perfection and we make sure that every single package gets the attention it deserves making sure we make the transition as smooth as possible for our clients.

What Is Pick And Pack?

Pick and Pack is a term used in the supply chain management system commonly used in the distribution of retail goods. This is the process of transferring quantities of product and disassembling them to pick out specific ones to be re-packaged with an invoice and labeled for shipping to reach their proper through destination. A pick and pack fulfillment center offer multiple choices of packaging designed to keep an item safe during the transit and delivery process.

Why Use A Facility That Handles Pick And Pack?

These centers are highly efficient in completing bulk order requests that need to be processed quickly and safely. They usually maintain a database that is integrated with website inventory data to provide real time information which means that a customer can order items from any product line in any quantity with any description guaranteed that the item will be in stock at the fulfillment center warehouse when they need it. A well run facility has a high degree of organization and attention to detail to ensure a smooth product flow.

What Happens During The Pick And Pack Process?

The Pick and Pack process includes material handling, incoming inspections, warehousing, inventory tracking, collation, assembly, order processing and shipping. Most centers have an automated order processing and inventory control system that interfaces with the client for automated order processing. This gives the client the ability to view inventory online and receive shipment tracking at any given time. Automated reports are sent to clients daily with shipment and tracking information for each product. Orders go through different stages of inspection before shipping such as scanning so that the product is accounted for and accurately reported.
It is particularly useful for eCommerce clients who deal in large quantities of product.

What To Look For When Choosing A Partner?

Do They Specialize?

Some companies that offer Pick and Pack services specialize in working with small businesses while others cater to multi-channel corporations. Then there are those who do it all. Ask the appropriate questions to make sure you choose a partner who can meet your specific needs.

Order Accuracy

A well run facility will be able to provide reports showing what their accuracy rate is. The best are those who are at 100% very close. If they are able to consistently deliver with this kind of error proof track record it is a good sign their truly an expert in this service.

Who Are Their Clients?

If you are an brick and mortar company that sells B2B and online, make sure to ask if they handle these kinds of clients. Many are able to handle small online quantities to retail customers as well. Those that do will should have an order and inventory system that is seamless to address all of your needs.

How Are They At Parcel Management?

If they are versed in this area they should be able to provide reports about shipping costs that amongst the best in the industry with the know how to greatly reduce expenses in this area for their clients.

What Is Their Turnaround Time?

The true experts should be able to quickly pick, pack and ship your order inventory within hours, not days of receiving the order. Ask what kind of staffing they have to manage this process to make sure there are no delays in shipping to your customers.


An efficient pick and pack facility will maintain an automated ordering and quality control system to be able to double check inventory before sending it out. Many send out an automated email with a confirmation receipt and shipment notification so you can rest easy your order has been processed and is on the way to the customer.

Pick and Pack Services may seem like an easy task but you’ll quickly find how much is involved when you start to ask the right questions. Finding a partner that can accommodate your specific needs will give you peace of mind as your business grows.

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