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Product Consulting

Product Consulting

What Is Product Consulting?

Fulfillment consulting is the process of an expert reviewing a company’s marketing and fulfillment process to streamline and improve overall operations. Because many fulfillment consultants have experience working with several similar companies, they have a special insight that gives the company they are consulting with a point of comparison to help improve their business to compete in the marketplace. An expert can perform an internal audit to review the main areas of operation to see how well they conform to current standards and where sometimes major improvements can be made. The gathered information is compared to the company’s current marketing message to check for any inconsistencies. A report is then compiled of the data to identify areas of improvement and potential solutions and reviewed with the client. A S.W.O.T. Analysis is often used to break down the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so an overall picture of the company can be segmented, broken down and prioritized to focus on the appropriate actions that can be taken to improve the fulfillment process.

What Can A Fulfillment Consultant Do For A Company?

Many companies are so busy running their operations that they rarely ake the time to assess their performance and how they can improve in specific areas of their business. Fresh eyes from an outside Fulfillment Consultant can gleam some light on simple improvements that can make a big difference on the bottomline. Here are just a few ways fulfillment consulting can give a boost to your operations:

Make Sure Your Marketing Message Matches Your Output

Are your doing what you promote to your customers? If your fulfillment message doesn’t match your output, a good consultant will identify the issues such as possible delayed turnaround, delivery time, increased return rates, etc. and look for viable solutions to close the gap between what is promised and what is actually experienced by the customer.

Keep Up With Competition

Many companies who have been in business for years are now competing with new companies that have been built from the ground up using the latest technologies. Over the past decade there is a growing trend of green businesses popping up, particularly in the area of fulfillment due to the trend in recycled materials and reduced waste. A good Fulfillment Consultant can update a company on these changes and guide them through the process of upgrading their fulfillment process to match the current needs of the market. They can educate a client on new green processes and building incentives that can save them money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Improve The Bottomline

A Fulfillment consultant can perform a cost analysis and give comparisons on how using different techniques can increase a company’s profits and reduce expenses. They may suggest more efficient ways to manage the supply chain. Providing accurate metrics for measuring success can help to identify issues more quickly so they can be addressed promptly. They can offer ideas on how to reduce inefficiencies that enhance consumer value, increase a company’s competitive advantage and improve cash flow management.

Manage Growth and Fluctuations

Do you have an effective means to manage peaks and valleys? Often new products are added at a moment’s notice and seasonal influxes can really throw a wrench into a company’s routine if not managed properly. A Fulfillment Consultant can offer a fluid set of solutions to ensure these changes are addressed as they arise so the company stays proactive.

Warehouse Design And Layout

Is your company’s warehouse design and layout optimized to meet client needs? A Fulfillment Consultant can help you maximize every inch of your space.

Shipping Inaccuracies

Every company needs a system that can verify the exact amount of each item needed to fill every order and that the items ordered are exact to specification. A Fulfillment Consultant can help your company to implement a foolproof process to meet your needs.

Manage A Move

If your company has reached a point where it’s time to move to another location, it may be time to call on an expert who can help you map out exactly how much space you’ll need with.out the additional expense of unnecessary equipment which can ultimately save you from increased expenditures.

Software Systems Management

Is your company’s order inventory software up to date? If not, you could be losing thousands of dollars by missing orders caused by delayed reporting times and inaccurate order and delivery information. Choosing the right software can be crucial to any business so calling on an expert who is familiar with current systems can really make a difference.

If you are planning for your company to progress to the next level or perhaps it is already going through a major growth spurt that is challenging to manage, it may be time to consult with an expert who can assist in taking the right steps to help you get there.

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